Thursday, August 25, 2016

Land Cruiser camper conversion

Oh, baby.

More photos and info here.

The real Uncle Sam, 1970

Irvine today

I grew up in Irvine. It was a quiet, middle class, Southern California community with excellent public schools. Now, 25 years later, the adult children of Mainland Chinese tycoons and corrupt government officials have moved in. It's incredible.

Ford Bronco

I am fascinated by this Bronco. Its condition. Its stripes. Its body kit.

Former stadium in Osaka

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Jalopnik bought by Univision

Japanese moving company


Yugo art exhibit

Yugo Next (1997) from Robert Lichter on Vimeo.

Stalin's 1938 letter to his son's teacher

I would be shitting bricks if I were the teacher.

"To teacher comrade Martyshin. I have received your letter about escapades of Vasily Stalin. Thank you for the letter. Replying with a great delay because of being overloaded with work. My apologies. Vasily is a spoiled young man of average abilities, little wildman, not always honest, likes to blackmail weak "teachers", not rarely an insolent fellow, with weak - or more accurately - unorganized willpower.
He was spoiled by various "god fathers" and "god mommies", who continually emphasize that he is "Stalin's son". I am glad that in your person there is at least one self-respecting teacher who treats Vasily as everyone else and demands that the insolent boy follows the school's policy. Vasily is spoiled by principals like the one you mentioned, washcloth-people [means spinless in Rus.], who have no place at school; and if insolent Vasily hasn't destroyed himself yet it is because our country still has teachers who don't give slack to the little young swell.
My advice: demand stricter from Vasily and don't be affraid of fake blackmail threats of "suicide" from the capricious child. You will have my support.
Unfortunately I don't have the opportunity to fuss with Vasily myself. But promise to grab him by the collar from time to time.